Come to the Meet and Greet!

15 Jul

Save the date! On Wednesday, August 12, at 7:30 p.m. in our regular meeting space at the Geek Partnership Society, there will be a meet-and-greet with the new candidates for Baron and Baroness Nordskogen.

Similar to a folk moot, we will have a potluck supper, so please plan to bring a dish to share, and wear garb if you desire. The candidates will be available to chat and answer your questions. The candidates are:

  • Baron Geoffrey of Warwick and Sheikah Samia al Kaslaania
  • Lord Bazyli Boleslaw Krakowska and Baroness Siobhan Medhbh O’Roarke
  • Lord Crispin Fletcher and Lady Idonea le Lakere

Baronial Transition

17 Jun

Greetings unto the Great Hall of Northshield!

Though we have greatly enjoyed our time as Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen it is time we pass on the torch to the next generation. So now begins our search for those who are willing to forge ahead and lead our populace into the future.

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Web Wardens Wanted

13 Apr

A website is only as good as its content, and the best ones are updated responsively. I would love to have a couple people to deputize this spring, to help me grow and adapt our web presence to best suit our needs. If you are interested, please see me following our April Business Meeting, in person or by email, and I can train you in.

—Lleucu “Lucky” verch Gwilim, Webminister

Shall we dance?

6 Feb

Our own Lady Isabetta is looking to determine just that, as she is soliciting statements of interest from those who would see the art taught and practiced within the Barony. Nordskogen has not held a regular practice in some time, since the visit of Terpsichore in 2013.

An image of many people dancing.

Detail, A Wedding Dance in the Open Air, Pieter Brueghal the Elder, 1566

If you would learn dancing in period, or would teach if you are already knowledgeable, please contact the lady via FaceBook either by commenting on her post on the Barony of Nordskogen Discussion group, or by private message. The list of individuals she compiles will be presented at the February Business Meeting.


Dude, where’s my baldric?

14 Jan

With another successful Twelfth Night celebration behind us, we face, as a people, a predictable question…

Where is the thing that that person person left in that place?

Have no fear! Lord Bazyli, the baronial chatelaine, has helpfully organized a list of items great and small recovered from the event, waiting to be claimed by their owners. Simply contact our good Chatelaine, and all the little lost things can go home! Continue reading