Crafty Wednesday: Tunic Workshop

28 Jan

The Barony Minister of Arts and Sciences, Sheikah Samia al-Kaslaania, invites one and all to work on tunics at this evening’s meeting.

Bring yourself and a measuring tape or bring a favorite tunic you want to copy or bring a tunic that you need help with. Says Samia:

Feel free to bring fabric and scissors if you’re ready to cut. I’ll show you the slow and awesome way to cut tunics while you a passenger headed to an event.

Other tunic-experienced people are welcome to bring their knowledge and tricks.

As well, Samia is willing to walk you through what it takes to enter your tunic into the Kingdom Arts & Sciences competition!

Dude, where’s my baldric?

14 Jan

With another successful Twelfth Night celebration behind us, we face, as a people, a predictable question…

Where is the thing that that person person left in that place?

Have no fear! Lord Bazyli, the baronial chatelaine, has helpfully organized a list of items great and small recovered from the event, waiting to be claimed by their owners. Simply contact our good Chatelaine, and all the little lost things can go home! Continue reading