Web Wardens Wanted

13 Apr

A website is only as good as its content, and the best ones are updated responsively. I would love to have a couple people to deputize this spring, to help me grow and adapt our web presence to best suit our needs. If you are interested, please see me following our April Business Meeting, in person or by email, and I can train you in.

—Lleucu “Lucky” verch Gwilim, Webminister

Spring Fundraiser with Green Valley Greenhouse

5 Apr

Gardening for a good cause.In order to make the Baronial coffers more flush, Nordskogen will be participating in the Green Valley Greenhouse spring fundraiser for a second year running.

Print the attached certificate and pass it out to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors, etc. and have them use it any time during the month of May. The Barony will receive 15% of their total purchase.

Help the landscapers and gardeners in your life help us out!

Download the Barony of Nordskogen Green Valley Greenhouse Fundraiser Certificate

A People Person

2 Apr

I have just finished posting a contact form for our Baronial (and Kingdom!) Chatelaine, which is now located in the Newcomer’s section. All new folks who wish to ask our friendly neighborhood people-greeter a question should try the new form out.

—Lleucu verch Gwilim, Webminister

A&S: Loop-de-Loop

9 Mar
Loop Braiding Illumination

Note: Loop braiding, even at superlative levels, does not cause the formation of halos in our game.

Minister of Arts and Sciences Sheikah Samia al-Kaslaania invites those that plan to attend our next meeting on the evening of March 11 to join her in learning the perfectly period art of finger loop braiding.

String will be provided to learn the technique with so all you need to bring are a minimum of six fingers, so even Frodo could participate!

Crafty Wednesday: Hoods

16 Feb
Hood meme

Not only fashionable, but utilitarian, hoods make a great addition to your mid-period wardrobe. Image courtesy bayeux.datensalat.net

Haul out  fabric and your sewing supplies! Minister of Arts and Sciences Sheikah Samia al-Kaslaania is preparing to lead the meeting group on Wednesday, February 25 in making hoods for your garb. Hoods in various shapes and constructions are documented across a broad swath of medieval Europe, in period.

To assist with visual aids, Lord Crispin Fletcher and Lady Idonea la Lakere will bring an assortment of their own hoods in various styles.

Help Wanted!

9 Feb

Our good lady Seneschal Ivetta reminds the populace that we have five Baronial officers who plan to step down and who are currently seeking their replacements. These roles are:

Please send inquiries about the positions to the pertinent officer. If you wish to apply for any of these roles, you will need to send a letter of interest to the officer and to Their Excellencies Nordskogen.

Remember, having a Seneschal and Herald are kingdom-level requirements in order for our group to remain a Barony. All other required officers positions are filled.

Shall we dance?

6 Feb

Our own Lady Isabetta is looking to determine just that, as she is soliciting statements of interest from those who would see the art taught and practiced within the Barony. Nordskogen has not held a regular practice in some time, since the visit of Terpsichore in 2013.

An image of many people dancing.

Detail, A Wedding Dance in the Open Air, Pieter Brueghal the Elder, 1566

If you would learn dancing in period, or would teach if you are already knowledgeable, please contact the lady via FaceBook either by commenting on her post on the Barony of Nordskogen Discussion group, or by private message. The list of individuals she compiles will be presented at the February Business Meeting.