New Baron and Baroness Selected

19 Nov

On behalf of Their Majesties, I am pleased to announce that Geoffrey of Warwick and Samia al-Kaslaania have been chosen to be the next Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen.

Their Investiture will take place at Nordskogen 12th Night.

For Northshield,

Eilis, Kingdom Seneschal

Dreikönigsfest: Twelfth Night Arts and Sciences AS 50

18 Nov

Holy. Roman. Empire.

In honor of the German-themed event, Dreikönigsfest, the Arts and Sciences will feature items which are Holy, Roman, or from an Empire.

-Bring out your finest holy goods—a pilgrim badge? A reliquary?
-Share your latest Roman creation—a new palla? Some lorica squamata?
-Imperial finery—Ottonian cloak clasp? A Seljuk pottery bowl?

Any combination of the three will be welcome as well.

Please let me know the following so I can have space for everyone:
• Item
• Period
• Pick one: Display; display for commentary; visit with others for feedback
• Your SCA name and SCA location
• If it’s loud, messy, bigger than a tabletop display, wants to be against a wall, etc.
• Moas at nordskogen.northshield org
• If you would like to visit with others for feedback, please let me know by December 21.

Twelfth Night 2016

18 Nov

Our winter bash will be held at Lord of Life in Ramsey, and will be event stewarded by Lady Isabetta Viari. Pre-registration continues to be open through mid-December, with 30 of 90 feast tickets already sold. Details are forming up on the event webpage so be sure to have a look-see.

Dance practice this Sunday (Nov. 1)

26 Oct

I’ll be teaching at our next dance practice on Sunday, Nov. 1 from 5-7 pm.
It would be GREAT if I could have some idea how many folks are coming so that I will know what dances I could teach!
In a perfect world, at least eight people would be there AND would have made an attempt to memorize the steps to Glory of the West which are available by following this link. There will also be some sort of cheat sheet provided for this dance.
Please let me know if you can come or cannot come by commenting the post I’ve made to our Nordskogen Facebook group or by sending me an email at

A Note of Thanks

17 Sep

At the close of their reign, Their Graces King Tom and Queen Sigrid sent a missive, which Their Excellencies Baron Edward and Baroness Deja wish to share:

Greetings, Your Excellencies,

Please thank your populace of Nordskogen for their gift of beaded circlets. It warms our hearts when Our people give of their time and talents to create something that will make someone else’s day more special, and we so appreciate it.

Tim Tintinabulum, King
Sigrid de la Mare,  Queen
Kingdom of Northshield