Rapier gear saga continues

10 May

Join MOAS Helena the Quiet at this week’s meeting (May 11) as we continue the work begun in April on the Rapier loaner gear.

Project coordinators Coquette du Lyon and Bastien de la Mesa will be bringing the cut pieces of 5 sets to assemble; please bring your sewing machines if you are able, that we might all bask in the glow of our progress at night’s end. An iron and ironing board are also being provided.

A Facebook event for the meeting’s activities has been posted, and the baronial calendar has been updated to reflect the extra information.

Dance Practice, April 24

15 Apr

Practice will be on Sunday, April 24, from 3:30–5:30 p.m., in Room 107 (where rapier practice happens on Wednesdays).

This month’s dances will be connected to water in some way, for a theme of “April Showers.”  RSVP to Rosanore of Redthorn via email, on Facebook by messaging Susan Guthmann Henry, or by posting to the Nordskogen Dancers Facebook page.

A Call for Hot Steel

4 Apr

From Social Media:

The rapier loaner armor project is finally moving forward. Due to some changes in fabric manufacturing, the original material planned for the project was determined to no longer be densely woven enough to use. Meaning that fabric that used to pass the punch test in past years no longer passed. Thank goodness I tested it before buying and washing 60 yards of the stuff! I have been working to find an alternate solution from available 100% cotton fabrics that still fits the budget. And, thanks to creative couponing over the past month, I have successfully amassed and laundered enough blue and white fabric to start making the gear.

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March 27 Archery Practice Cancelled

25 Mar


The Bwana Archery Range is closed for Easter Sunday and it looks like rain.

So, the Nordskogen Archery Marshals have cancelled archery practice this week.

–Rosanore of Redthorn, Chronicler

Dance Practice, March 13

11 Mar

Dance practices will now be happening once a month.  Our March practice will be on Sunday, March 13, from 4:00-5:30 p.m., in Room 107 (where rapier practice happens on Wednesdays).

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Order of Precedence back online!

1 Mar

Office of the WebministryIn collaboration with the Clerk of Precedence, I have managed to get a version of our data back up under the Our People tab of the website. Note that the list has been offline for more than 3 years, and so we will need your help updating it. Each entry was entered by hand over a period of days. Look for your own entry, and consider sending any updates to Coquette du Lyon. It only gets better from here!

In Service,

Quarterly Moot: Gulf Wars

22 Feb

Our first Quarterly Moot will be on March 9 at GPS. For those that weren’t at the business meeting last week, our Baron and Baroness and the group decided to jazz it up and have a special moot about once a quarter, instead of smaller monthly moots. These Quarterly Moots will have more of a small event feel.
That being said, on March 9, it will be a Gulf Wars theme. We’ll have a small court—with awards (hint, hint), presentation of the baronial pennant for Gulf Wars, a Rapier Tournament, and potluck dinner.

Award Recommendations for the March Moot

22 Feb

A message from Their Excellencies Nordskogen:


We would very much appreciate your input for Baronial Award Recommendations for our upcoming March Moot. With Twelfth Night fresh in our minds, you likely remember individuals who contributed to the event and should be recognized for that effort. But please don’t limit your thoughts to just that event; we are sure that you have noticed other contributions which should be recognized by us.

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