A Note of Thanks

17 Sep

At the close of their reign, Their Graces King Tom and Queen Sigrid sent a missive, which Their Excellencies Baron Edward and Baroness Deja wish to share:

Greetings, Your Excellencies,

Please thank your populace of Nordskogen for their gift of beaded circlets. It warms our hearts when Our people give of their time and talents to create something that will make someone else’s day more special, and we so appreciate it.

Tim Tintinabulum, King
Sigrid de la Mare,  Queen
Kingdom of Northshield

Extra Fencing on Tuesday

14 Sep
Note that the practice is UNOFFICIAL.

Stabby good fun!

Nordskogen fencers will have an unofficial practice in Lauderdale Community Park in Lauderdale at Fulham and Roselawn (by the 36/35-W split) on Tuesday, Sept. 15, starting around 6–6:30 p.m. When it gets too dark, the fencing will move up the road to the Lauderdale Community Center.

September Business Meeting

14 Sep

Our good lady Seneschal, Niamh ingen Dhomnail, wishes it to be known that this Wednesday, September 16, will be our monthly business meeting. We will be electing a new rapier marshal to replace the Magnifico Niccolo. There are two candidates, Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir and Bastien de la Mesa. Please bring your questions.

If you have other items of business that you would like to be added to the agenda, please send a note to Lady Niamh as soon as possible. Wednesday meetings are held in Suite 106A of the Waterbury Building, located at 1121 Jackson St., Minneapolis, MN 55413.

Dance Practice, Sunday, August 30

29 Aug
Absolutely enough dancers for Petit Vriens!

Dance with musicians, Tacuinum sanitatis casanatense, ca. 14th century.

Thanks to Lady Isabetta, the provost, dance practice continues in Nordskogen on select Sundays from 3:30–5:30 p.m. Join us in Room 107 of the Geek Partnership Society’s Event Horizon (where rapier happens on Wednesday nights) on Sunday, August 30 for the next dance practice.

On Baronial Polls

28 Aug

A Baronial Poll is a poll to advise the Crown. It is not a vote, per se. The Crown welcomes letters and comments along with a Poll. The Crown will make the final decision, taking into account the polls and other correspondence that they receive. Continue reading