Bazyli Boleslaw Krakowska
(218) 370-1678

Gate Steward:
Azizah bint Da'ud

Armored Combat MIC:
Tom Tinntinnabulum & Herjolf Eilifsson

Rapier Combat MIC:
Constanza de Sevilla & Gevehard von Baden

Royalty Liasion:
Faelan MacMillan


The Armored Combat Outing - Round 5

Hosted by the Barony of Nordskogen

Saturday April 19th, 2014


Aldrich Arena
1850 White Bear Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55109

THACO is hosting Nordskogen's baronial A&S competition
to help Their Excellencies choose a new A&S champion.
Click here for details

Rapier Combat is once again part of THACO's activities!

Come hone your combat skills, then go out and have fun with your fellow combatants.
There are no classes, there is no feast - nothing but a full day of combat activities.

In simple terms, “Fight, fight, fight, lunch, fight, fight, fight, go home.”

Site is open to participants 9am–6pm

Fighter hydration tables (water/gatorade/pickles) will be provided by the event.
Lunch will be up to each attendee to find for themselves, either by bringing it
or venturing out to the many nearby restaurants.

Change: Showers ARE available on site!

Populace space is available

Site fee: $10
Minors (6-17): $5
Children 5 & under: free Non-member surcharge: $5
Makes checks payable to "SCA Inc - Barony of Nordskogen"

Site Rules:
  • Site is dry. If anyone is seen violating this policy, they will be removed from site.
  • Parking will be on the NORTH side of the arena, the south side is used by the business next door.
    Entrance to the hockey arena is on the EAST side.
  • Outside food is allowed in the building and there are many fast-food and restaurant options nearby.
  • Google maps works beautifully for this site. Use their directions or the Ramsey County Parks website.

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